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On this page you will find links to the status of critical legislation. The links will take you to pages where you can identify if your legislator is part of a committee reviewing this Bill right NOW and contact them ASAP.

2017.03.21 This won't stop in Alaska, this is a grab to give states progressively more (already far too archaic) management of our wildlife, and our public lands. US Senators better hear from us or they will be pressured to abide by their leaders directive. Only you, their constituents, can change that.

Last chance to stop this is NOW. Congress already passed it. Trump is sure not going to stop it. CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY! OPPOSE S.J. Resolution 18 !

Find your Senators and CALL!


Bill: Introduced in Senate (02/01/2017)

This joint resolution nullifies the rule finalized by the Department of the Interior on August 5, 2016, relating to non-subsistence takings of wildlife and public participation and closure procedures on National Wildlife Refuges

2017.02.18 H.J. Resolution 69 passed the house with a 225 to 193 vote, it was authored by Alaska’s Rep. Don Young. Those 225 members voted to overturn a federal rule – years in the works, and crafted by professional wildlife managers at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – to stop some of the most appalling practices ever imagined in the contemporary era of wildlife management. Gassing of wolf pups in their den, killing hibernating bears, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft and then shooting them after landing, and trapping grizzly bears and black bears with steel-jawed leghold traps and snares. This is absolutely appalling and unacceptable! We tagged Don Young so you can voice your opinion in comments on his Facebook. Some of Don Young's information his email is akfordy@gmail.com, Tel is 907-563-4314, Fax is 907-562-0283. Voice your opinion in as many ways as possible.

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