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National Urban Wildlife Coalition

Hunting isn't a right; Gun ownership is. Hunting is a privilege.

Reform of today's "hunting" policies has nothing to do with our 2nd amendment. It simply is not 1950 anymore and our wildlife must be managed accordingly.

Urban Wildlife refers to native wildlife that is able to live or thrive in urban environments - our backyard wild animals and all wildlife native to the USA. The people, organizations and collective members of this Coalition represent a public majority of wildlife enthusiasts that appreciate the intrinsic value of all wildlife, sporting individuals or not. We, the People, hereby seek reform and imperative restructuring of the State Wildlife Management Institution policies and agendas.

NOTE: The National Urban Wildlife Coalition is also known today as "National Wildlife Management Reform Coalition".

How is NUWC Wildlife different from an animal activist organization?

NUWC is neither "pro" nor "anti" animal welfare, animal rights, or hunting. It is a citizen sector organization (grassroots coalition) of people interested in the myriad of issues that affect the wildlife in our country.

Changes in socio-political values have resulted in more stakeholder groups who want to be included in wildlife management decisions today than at any other time since the advent of applied wildlife management in North America. Although public attitudes and beliefs regarding wildlife have always been dynamic, public interest in wildlife and desire for input into management of wildlife have increased since the early 1970's.

Note: State Wildlife Agencies have various names. Yours may be titled Fish & Game (F&G, or F&W), Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), etc. For simplification we use the acronym for a universal description of State Wildlife Management/ Agency = SWM or SWA.

Why Wildlife?

Few are aware that our nations wildlife is controlled almost entirely by state agencies. These state wildlife management (SWM) agencies do not function in a democratic manner representing all interests such as wildlife watchers, hikers, citizens concerned for animal welfare, environmentalists and sportsmen. Our state agencies arbitrarily create policies that almost exclusively further the interests of the hunting public.

This undemocratic system has evolved largely due to the fact that SWM agencies are funded by gun tax proceeds; funds that are primarily hinged on the quantity of hunting licenses sold each year. Therefore our state agencies work to serve the interests of hunters, to sustain gun sales, to purchase and maintain public lands for hunting, and to control wildlife populations in methods that result in questionable management of our wild animals and environment.

Who are We?

We are an alliance of interested parties for joint action. We believe in the concept of power in numbers to effect change in our democratic society. Those concerned about today's wildlife management find it has evolved into an industry dominated and controlled by special interests; groups with policy influence that many people disagree with.

Please see our MISSION page for further information, and join us to make our united voice louder.

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